Membership Information

A Strong YMCA Family

In an effort to retain, with dignity, YMCA members who have been laid off, we have established a Strong YMCA Family Program. We are here to stand by our members during good times and bad, and the Strong YMCA Family will help members maintain their YMCA membership while they are temporarily out of work. Any YMCA member in good standing who loses his/her job through layoff, furlough or cut back or any member who has been called to active duty as reserve military personnel may be awarded a continuation of their existing membership at no cost. Contact the Membership office for more information or assistance with the Strong YMCA Family Program.

Locker Rooms and Family Changing Rooms

Only adults of the age 18 or older are allowed to use or have access to the adult locker rooms. No children are allowed in the adult locker rooms. The youth locker rooms are intended for everyone under the age of 18 or for parents assisting their children of the same gender. The family changing room is available for changing when there are children of the opposite gender or for special needs changing. Entrance to and from the pool can be obtained through the cardiovascular room with special assistance from the membership service counter staff or the lifeguards.

New Member Orientation

Orientation is suggested for all new members. It covers information on our facility, procedures, programs, history, wellness program, the benefits of exercise and nutrition, and our financial assistance procedures. Members must sign up for orientation at the front desk to receive free fitness evaluations and free equipment orientations.

Check with the Membership Service Counter for scheduled days and times. Attend and receive 2 day pass.

Adult Membership

Adult memberships is available for individuals between the ages of 18 and 59.

Senior Adult Membership/Family

Senior membership is available for individuals age 60 and over. Only one spouse is required to be over the age of 60 to qualify for a senior family membership.

Family Membership

Family membership includes mom and/or dad, or legal guardian and all IRS dependents.

Corporate Membership Adult/Family

Special membership rates are available for companies that have 4 or more employee memberships. Contact the YMCA Membership Director to see if your company is presently on the corporate membership list or if you would like information about establishing a corporate membership.

Law Enforcement/Fire/Military/Adult or Family

Must have proof of employment or enlistment. May be active or retired.

7 & 7 Offshore Adult

Must have proof of offshore employment.

Student Adult

15 years or older enrolled in school. Must have valid picture ID.

Student Family

Head of Household must be the student and the student must be 18 or older.

Special Membership Categories

Please contact our membership service counter regarding qualifications for Student, Law Enforcement, Fire, Military, or 7&7 Offshore.

How to become a YMCA Member

Complete and submit membership and health history forms along with the appropriate membership and joining fees at the service desk.

Membership Cards

Membership cards are required for each member entering the facility. We issue membership cards to each YMCA member age 6 and older. Membership cards remain the property of the YMCA, and are to be used only by the member. Membership cards are not to be used by and other person other than the member. Lost or mutilated membership cards are to be replaced with a service charge of $5.00. Members who have temporary misplaced their membership cards can sign in at the front desk for a period not to exceed two weeks with a drivers licences, state picture identification card, or student identification card. Membership must be verified before a member will have use of the facility without a membership card. Phone verification is necessary for youths without identification.

Membership Payment Methods

Membership payments can be made using the following methods:

  1. Automatic Bank Drafts: Authorization of the YMCA to draft a checking or credit card on an ongoing basis.
  2. Payment in Full: Payments of the full are accepted for three, six, and twelve month periods.

Members may bring a guest for a fee of $5.00 per person per visit. Only one guest may accompany a member at a time. A guest may only come four times in a twelve-month period. Identification must be presented and the member must be on the premises during the full length of a guest's visit.

Membership Cancellation

Memberships may be terminated with a 30 day written notice and the return of membership cards. YMCA membership cards are the property of the YMCA.

Membership Refunds

There is a $10.00 processing fee. We offer no refunds on the first month fees, registration fee, or the automatic bank withdrawal system. On full advanced payments, the refund is pro-rated back to you on any full unused months remaining on your membership. If the member is on the automatic bank withdrawal plan, you are required to give us a 30 day written notice. The member will be drafted again within this 30-day period. A check will be mailed to you within 15-20 working days from the date of cancellation. All refunds are to be made in writing and are subject to approval by the executive director.

Membership on Hold (Abeyance)

In order to put a membership on hold (abeyance), a written doctor's excuse must be submitted to YMCA Administration for consideration. Upon approval, an abeyance may be placed on the account for up to a total of 3 months. If a member check-in occurs during this time the account will automatically reactivate. An abeyance can be granted once per member.

Registration Fee for Previous Members

A previous member who re-joins the YMCA within 60 days of cancellation of membership is not required to pay a joiner fee. Rejoining without paying registration fee is only allowed once in a 12-month period.

Termination of Membership

The Board of Directors and CEO shall have the right to terminate any member for any reason in the event this becomes necessary.


The YMCA expects all participants to uphold the YMCA mission. Offensive language, slander of others, vandalism or misuse or property (includes, but is not limited to throwing paper on ceiling, leaving showers running, damaging lockers), the use of alcohol, drugs, or weapons is prohibited. Actions not reflected in the mission are grounds for expulsion from the facility by law enforcement officers or staff and the cancellation of the offender's membership or program participation.

YMCA Grounds/Facilities

Drugs, firearms, and weapons are prohibited on YMCA grounds/facilities.


The YMCA is not responsible for stolen or lost articles. Members are responsible for securing valuables.

Dress Code

Exercise Room & Gym: Only athletic shoes are to be worn with proper exercise attire that is comfortable, but safe and modest.

Swimming Pools: Appropriate swimsuits or swim attire is required.

Dry Areas

Areas other than the pool atrium, outside pool deck and locker rooms are dry areas. Individuals must be completely dried off and adequately dressed (shirt and shoes must be worn) in dry areas.

Gym Usage

Non-marking athletic shoes must be worn while using the gym. Gym availability hours are posted at the gym door.

Youth Locker Rooms

Youth Lockers are for daily usage only. Locks may be brought to use on the youth lockers, but they are not to be left on a locker after leaving the facility. YMCA staff will remove locks left of youth lockers after hours. Only youths of the age 17 or under are allowed to use or have access to the youth locker rooms. No adults are to be allowed in the youth locker rooms.

Adult Locker Rooms

Adult lockers are available for daily usage only. Locks may be brought to use on the adult lockers, but they are not to be left on a locker after leaving the facility. YMCA staff will remove locks left on adult lockers after hours. Only adults of the age 18 or older are allowed to use or have access to the adult locker rooms. No children are allowed in the adult locker rooms.

Membership Programming Prices

In order to be eligible for the membership pricing for YMCA programs, the participant must be a member of the YMCA. Dependents youths must be under a family membership in order to receive membership pricing for programs

Parental Guidance

Children from the age of infant to 14 must be listed under a family membership to have access to the YMCA or receive membership pricing for programs. An adult (18 or older) must accompany children of the age 11 and under when using the facility or participating in a YMCA program other than a Day Camp program. Children between the age of 12-15 may be left without parental/adult supervision for a period no greater than 2 hours. Parents accompanying young children of the opposite sex should seek YMCA staff for pool entrance information

Pool Access

Access to and from the swimming pool is through the locker rooms. If assistance is required in gaining access to and from the pool area, staff assistance is to be sought with the front desk or pool staff. The cardiovascular/pool doors are only to be used with staff assistance or emergencies. Children under 12 should be accompanied by an adult

Cardiovascular and Weight Room Areas

The cardiovascular and weight rooms are for the use of members and guests age 15 and older. Youths between the age 12 and 14 will have access to these areas with identification providing completion of YMCA training for these areas.

Weight Room and Cardio Room Policies and Procedures
  • Present your membership card or sign in at the front desk.
  • Tennis shoes must be worn in cardio and weight room. No work clothes, jeans, work boots, or sandals allowed.
  • Profanity will not be tolerated.
  • No outside personal training.
  • Do not clang or bang weights. Do not drop the weights on the ground.
  • Weight plates must be removed and returned to its station after every use.
  • Dumbbells, resistance bands, stability balls, etc. must be picked up when not in use.
  • Do not leave sweat on or around equipment. Sanitizing wipes and paper towels are provided.
  • Do not claim a machine by sitting or resting between sets.
  • Respect the 45 minute time limit on cardio equipment.

Membership Rates

Registration Fee Monthly Bank Draft 3 Months paid in full 6 Months paid in full 12 Months paid in full
Adult $30.00 $55.00 $165.00 $330.00 $660.00
Family $55.00 $73.00 $219.00 $438.00 $876.00
Senior Adult $30.00 $42.00 $126.00 $252.00 $504.00
Senior Family $55.00 $52.00 $156.00 $312.00 $624.00
Corporate Adult $30.00 $49.00 $147.00 $294.00 $588.00
Corporate Family $55.00 $63.00 $189.00 $378.00 $756.00
Law / Fire / Military Adult $30.00 $38.00 $114.00 $228.00 $456.00
Law / Fire / Military Family  $55.00 $56.00 $168.00 $336.00 $672.00
7 & 7 Offshore $30.00 $40.00 $120.00 $240.00 $480.00
Student Adult $30.00 $38.00 $114.00 $228.00 $456.00
Student Family $55.00 $56.00 $168.00 $336.00 $672.00